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DRE Bonair Anesthesia Ventilator

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  • The Bonair is an electronic time-cycled ventilator with integrated patient alarms for improved safety.
  • Has adjustable inspiratory time, expiratory time and flow rate.
  • Can be used on smaller animals by adjusting the unit to the small animal bellows.
  • Ability to be placed on any flat surface or mounted on a dovetail bracket.
  • This unit is used at many of the popular Veterinary Wet Lab Shows.
  • Unit has option of small or large animal bellows.

Available Options & Accessories:

  • User Manual
  • Large Animal Bellows Assembly
  • Small Animal Bellows Assembly – sub image shows small animal bellows
  • Bellows Drive Hose
  • Patient Circuit – Drive Hose
  • Pressure Sensing Hose 2.5m/22m M/F Connector
  • Anesthesia Machine Dovetial Bracket