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DRE ASG-120 Electrosurgical Generator

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The DRE ASG-120 features both monopolar and bipolar functions with ten different blend settings plus cut, all with 120 watts maximum power output for the most demanding procedures.

This electrosurgical generator has two levels of coagulation: Coagulation and Fulguration, plus Bipolar. In addition, the FCFS™ (first come, first served) discrete output design of the ASG-120 enhances safety by allowing only one output to be activated at any given time. This feature ensures that only the device you first activate will be an active device. Secondary commands will not override the first command.


  • Split or solid return electrodes
  • NEM™ (neutral electrode monitoring)
  • Defibrillator-proof type CF equipment
  • Color coordinated controls
  • Footswitch indicator on face of unit
  • Does not require calibration
  • Remembers last used settings at power on

Standard Equipment:

  • Unit, power cord, one sterile disposable pencil, one reusable grounding cord, five disposable split grounding pads, three sterile disposable electrodes (1-ES01 blade, 1-ES02 needle, 1-ES20 ball), users guide.

Optional Accessories:

  • BiPolar Footswitch required for BiPolar operation.
  • Monopolar Footswitches #P00401
  • Reusable Cord #P00893
  • Pens / Pencils (Mono and Bipolar)
  • Foreceps (Mono and Bipolar)
  • Ground Pad (Pediatric) #P00893
  • Grounding Cord/Plate

Warranty: 2 years