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ConRad Thermal Blankets – General Use Medium

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Product Description:
Stop Heat Loss in the OR and Imaging
Designed for surgery, dental, endoscopy, X-Ray & CT imaging, and post-op recovery.
Clinically proven effective solution to patient heat loss.
Acts as a barrier to all 3 mechanisms of Heat Loss:
● Conductive
● Convective
● Radiant
Available in Three Sizes:
● 1 Small (20” x 28”)
● 1 Medium (24” x 34”)
● 1 Large (28’ x 41”)
Product Features
● Maintain normothermia in surgical, dental, endoscopy, imaging (X-ray, CT) procedures
and post-op recovery
● Clinically effective when used as designed
● Shorter anesthesia recovery times
● Adjunct to active warming
● Simple to use
● Small, Medium and Large sizes
● Tested for thermal resistance to be equivalent to an Extreme Cold Weather Polar Suit