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Affordable, flexible, precise.
The Avante Compass E10 is a high-performing surgical microscope. The ergonomic design and excellent maneuverability of the microscope allows for more comfort and precision during longer operations. Ideal for dental and ENT, this microscope has an apochromatic optical design which improves the contrast, resolution, and depth of the image. This comes with the choice of 3-step or 5-step magnification, which offers a sharp image and a large field of vision. The Compass E10 is available in eight different models, allowing for choice in magnification levels, binocular head incline, and surgical purpose.


  • Multi-coated and anti-reflective lenses are combined with apochromatic options to provide superb optical performance
  • Real 3D precise image reproduction
  • Dual LED lamps positioned at different angles allows for a bright, clear, and more vivid observation
  • Singular binocular microscope
  • Wide field of view
  • Apochromatic optics corrects the chromatic aberration of three types of colored light to improve the image
  • Three illumination modes: double light path stereo illumination, +4° big field illumination, and -4° small field illumination
  • Continually adjustable eyecup in eyepiece
  • Lamp will automatically turn off when the optical head moves out of normal working range, saving electricity


  • Lens and Magnification:

    250mm objective lens
    Range of pupillary distance: 50mm to 75mm
    Observation field: 65mm to 10mm
    2.5x/18mm high wide-field eyepieces with diopter locks & adjustable eyecups
    Binocular head incline, depending on model: 0°-180°/ 0°-60°/ 45°/Straight
    Microscope body rotation: 360°
    3 Step Magnifications (3.2x, 8x, 20x) or 5-Step Magnifications (3.2x, 5x, 8x, 12.7x, 20x)
    Optional magnification available by combining eyepiece (10x, 16x, or 20x) and objective lens (175mm, 200mm, 300mm, or 400mm)
    Brightness: 45,000 Lux
    Power: 40VA, 500mA


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