Circuit Alarm

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Circuit Alarm:

Easy installation

  • Standard 9 volt battery
  • Can be installed on any brand of anesthesia machine
  • Can be switched from one machine to another
  • Factory pre-set at 15cm H2O
  • Made in Canada
  • 5 year warranty (with the exception of the battery)

Assisted Ventilation

When assisted ventilation is necessary, it is difficult to determine the airway pressure. Adding a circuit alarm to your anesthesia machine can reduce the risk of an elevated pressure. The alarm will alert you if the pressure approaches a dangerous level.


Evacuation Valve

If you happen to forget to re-open the evacuation valve after ventilating your patient, the circuit alarm will warn you at the approach of a dangerous level.



The circuit alarm is adjustable, allowing you to set the pressure at a level which is comfortable for you.

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