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Bovie Penlights for Diagnostics

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Penlights are used for a variety of veterinary diagnostics and examinations. These new factory penlights are available as disposable or battery replaceable.

Ophthalmic Examinations:

  • Cobalt light to look at fluorescent dye
  • Examination of lens
  • External eye exam
  • Examining Gonioscopy – for animals who have or are suspected to have glaucoma
  • Indirect Ophthalmoscopy
  • Many more uses

The disposable and lightweight penlights are suitable for many university student supply lists. In addition, bird owners may find these penlights to be of use around the house as well for their pets.

Uses of the penlight for birds:

  • Illuminate injured areas
  • Check eyes
  • Nares
  • Oropharynx (mouth area)
  • Beak
  • Feathers

*Click on main image for display of penlights and their corresponding product #.

Available Models:

Cobalt Penlight by Bovie:

  • Cobalt blue filter included. Additional filters available for purchase.
  • Standard penlight for veterinary doctors.
  • Available in:

    • Pack of 3 – #BOV-6303
    • Three packs of 3 – #BOV-6303.3

Cobalt Penlight Filter for Bovie Disposable Penlight:

  • Used in conjunction with #BOV-6303
  • Available in:

    • Box of 1 – #BOV-7156
    • Box of 20 – #BOV-7156.20

Doctor's Replaceable Battery Penlight by Bovie:

  • Available in:

    • Pack of 6 – #BOV-666R
    • Two packs of 6 – #BOV-666R.2

Doctor's Disposable Battery Penlight by Bovie:

  • Standard penlight for doctors.
  • Available in:

    • Pack of 6 – #BOV-6666
    • Three packs of 6 – #BOV-6666.3

Penlight with Pupil Gauge by Bovie:

  • Available in:

    • Pack of 6 – #BOV-66RN
    • Three packs of 6 – #BOV-66RN.3