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Go beyond just filtering viruses in your air and kill them instead!

The nature of dental work involves working on patients as their mouths remain open, which increases your risk of exposure and your patients’ risk of exposure to contaminants and viruses throughout the duration of your workday. At this point, your dental practice is likely diligent about proper hygiene practices and sanitizing surfaces and equipment with absoluteness, but you want to take things a step further by disinfecting the air within your office space.

Dentist Air Purification

At Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp., we offer several Novaerus air purification systems that can complement your current sanitization and disinfection practices. These dentist air purification systems feature innovative technology that eliminates airborne pathogens and contaminants on contact, leaving you with indoor air that is significantly fresher and cleaner.

Tested and proven by multiple organizations in trials and studies around the world, these dentist air purification systems are effective and safe to use around even your most vulnerable patients, including the elderly and children. Additionally, since these systems are portable, you can move them with you throughout the course of the day as you handle administrative tasks and see patients.

Take the next step to protect your dental facility from infectious outbreaks with a dentist air purification system from Novaerus. Find out more about these incredible systems and their innovative capabilities by reaching out to us at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp. today.

Dentist Air Purification in Toronto, ON