Dental Air Purifier

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Keep contaminants out of the air in your office.

Contaminants, viruses, and bacteria continuously circulate in the air. These contaminants can settle on surfaces throughout your dental practice, creating the need for continuous surface disinfection. Although cleaning and sanitizing your dental office is already a big focus, a dental air purifier can eliminate some of these harmful contaminants from your air and help you keep your office space cleaner and healthier for your patients.

Dental Air Purifier

At Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp., we recommend the dental air purifier options from Novaerus. Unlike typical air purifiers that merely filter viruses out of the air, systems from Novaerus kill viruses and contaminants on contact. The result is cleaner, fresher air that smells better, too.

Novaerus carries many dental air purifier options, but every model is a great fit for treatment rooms, waiting rooms, and reception areas. Many of these systems can be mounted on the wall, out of the way, and they make little noise as they operate. This way, you can meet your dental office’s air purification needs without disturbing your patients or taking up valuable space.

Control infection and protect your patients and staff with a dental air purifier from Novaerus. As a preferred medical and dental equipment provider, our team can point you in the right direction as you choose your air purifier and implement this new system into your dental clinic. For additional information about your air purifier options and how we can help you maintain a cleaner, healthier dental office, contact us today.