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We offer medical equipment services and repairs because we care about your patients as much as you do.

At Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp., we think the same would be true for the medical equipment you purchase for your Vancouver, British Columbia medical, dental, or veterinary clinic. That is why we go beyond supplying you with the medical products and equipment you need. We are also here for you for medical equipment services and repairs.

Medical Equipment Services and Repairs in Vancouver, British Columbia

If we were to just stop being supportive during the selection of your medical equipment, we wouldn’t be doing our part to help you get the longest life from your chosen equipment. We wouldn’t be sharing our knowledge of how to maintain the equipment and keep it performing as it should. By being there for you with medical equipment services and repairs, we feel we are providing the high level of customer service that has led to us being one of the best and most trusted in the industry.

Since we care about your patients as much as you do, it only makes sense that we’d want to be a part of keeping them safe. It takes properly performing medical equipment to be able to treat them effectively and that can’t happen if your medical equipment fails or causes them harm. With regular medical equipment services and repairs, you and your patients can have confidence that safety is assured.

Reach out today if you would like to know more about our medical equipment services and repairs for autoclaves, patient monitors, and more. Between training and education about the equipment and answers about cleaning products that are safe to use on it, we’re here with the information you need. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule service.


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