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Any business can benefit from our medical air purifiers, which provide a healthier environment.

Medical Air Purifiers in Vancouver, British ColumbiaAt Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp., the majority of customers who request information about medical air purifiers from us are in the medical industry. However, any business can benefit from medical-grade equipment that provides a healthier environment. We offer a variety of options so that you can choose what will effectively disinfect the size of room you have or level of disinfection you need.

Our medical air purifiers come in portable units that you can move around your office or medical facility on a schedule that achieves optimal reduction in bacteria, superbugs, VOCs, germs, mould spores, and viruses. They can also be wall-mounted to be used in one area exclusively. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff is happy to assist you in selecting one or more medical air purifiers for your medical facility, dental office, laboratory, school, daycare, veterinarian clinic, outpatient surgical centre, or other type of commercial facility.

If you are opening a new facility, don’t hesitate to ask us about full equipment setup, including medical air purifiers, surgical tables, exam lights, and so much more. We’ll have you set up and ready to accept patients in Vancouver, British Columbia in no time.

If you have questions about medical air purifiers for small, medium, and large areas, give us a call today. We will be happy to go over the innovative capabilities of the equipment we offer and how it can offer the ultimate protection for your staff and patients. We are confident you’ll agree that the technology of Novaerus medical air purifiers makes them the ideal solution for a cleaner, healthier, and safer facility.

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