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Give your Toronto customers and employees peace of mind with our dentist air purification options.

Here at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp., we are very excited to share with you our options for dentist air purification needs. We know that you are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment in your practice for your patients, your hygienists, your other staff members and yourself. Our dentist air purification products and equipment can be added to your already rigourous hygiene routine for an added layer of peace of mind.

Dentist Air Purification in Toronto, Ontario

Here are some of the dentist air purification products we offer:

  • Novaerus Protect 200 Portable Air Disinfecting System: This small, portable unit can be mounted on the wall or used tabletop in small spaces. It features one ultra-low-energy plasma coil and a single speed fan. It can easily be taken from room to room as needed.
  • Novaerus Protect 900 Portable Air Disinfecting System: This larger unit is still portable and is ideal for medium-sized spaces. It has a two-speed fan and two ultra-low-energy plasma coils. It can be mounted to the wall or onto a stand to maximize portability.
  • Novaerus Defend 1050 Portable Air Disinfecting System: This unit is designed for use in larger, high-risk spaces like your waiting room. It features 6 ultra-low-energy plasma coils, a three-stage filter and a five-speed fan, giving you options for how much air it is purifying.

Whatever dentist air purification equipment you choose, it will provide another tool in your arsenal as you try to reduce and remove contaminants from the indoor air of your practice, like bacteria, viruses and more. Some air filters just trap these particles, but the Novaerus line of products actually kill them. Contact us today to learn more and discuss your needs for dentist air purification at your practice in or near Toronto, Ontario or beyond.

Dentist Air Purification