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Our team offers effective hand sanitizers that will keep your hands perfectly clean.

No matter what type of medicine you practice, keeping your hands clean and sanitary is an absolute must. Failing to do this means that you risk transmitting contagious diseases to your patients–even if you do not get sick, a patient with a weakened immune system might succumb to one or more of the germs commonly found on unwashed hands. Fortunately, our team at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp. is here to help you keep your hands as clean as possible, and we offer a range of high-quality hand-sanitizers to help you do just that.

Hand Sanitizers

There are many hand sanitizers available, but they all work on the same general principle. Essentially, the compounds in the sanitizer react with the chemical structures of bacteria and viruses in a way that destroys these pathogens. Most hand sanitizers contain alcohol, because alcohols disable pathogens (disease-causing particles) by either splitting the cells into pieces, disrupting a cell’s metabolism, or breaking apart the cell’s proteins. This renders the bacteria or virus inert and harmless, unable to infect you or anyone else you come into contact with.

Our team is dedicated to helping medical professionals of all kinds provide the very best care, and effective medical care starts with properly clean hands. We offer a range of hand sanitizers to suit a variety of needs and preferences, and we encourage you to choose the one that works best for you and use it regularly. If you have any further questions about hand sanitizers, we encourage you to give us a call.