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Our team offers effective, high-quality disinfectants that will keep your facility clean and sanitized.

No matter what type of medicine you practice, it’s absolutely essential to keep your office and your equipment as clean and sanitary as possible to keep the people in your space safe. To do that, you’ll need effective disinfectants for all the various surfaces involved. Our team at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp. wants to help you make your practice the best it can be, and we offer the disinfectants you need in order to do just that. We are also happy to provide professional product recommendations depending on your facility’s particular needs.


Effective disinfection generally takes a three-pronged approach, and our team offers disinfectants designed for all three of these steps. The first step is hand disinfection. We provide top-notch hand sanitizers that will kill the germs on your hands, so you don’t spread any illnesses to your fellow staff members, or worse, to your patients. The next step is surface disinfection, which, as the name suggests, involves applying a disinfectant to a surface in order to kill any germs that may be present there. The last step is air disinfection, which either filters out any viruses from the air, or kills the viruses upon contact for an even lower risk of transmission. Our team has the right experience to help you with all of these types of disinfectants, and we’ll help you choose the best option for your needs.

Our team wants to help you make your practice the best it can be, and that starts with safety and hygiene.  If you need advice on which disinfectants to use for best results, just give us a call.