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Allow our technicians to service all your dental equipment.

Becoming a trusted dental office in Barrie, Ontario does not happen by accident. In addition to hiring all the right professionals and earning stellar credentials, this achievement requires you to have reliable dental equipment, such as dental chairs, lights, fluoride trays, syringe tips, and the proper protective gear. We can provide all these supplies and more here at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp., so turn to us for the dental equipment your office requires.

Dental Equipment in Barrie, Ontario

In addition to selling a wide variety of high-quality dental equipment, we can service it so that it remains in optimal condition. We can help you adhere to industry standards and carefully assess your equipment to diagnose issues it may be experiencing. With our functional testing and maintenance services, your dental equipment will be able to perform well for its full expected lifespan.

Our dental equipment maintenance services can be either corrective or preventive. If your equipment is experiencing problems, we can carefully examine it to determine the cause and do our best to provide the repairs that will restore it to full functionality. If there seems to be nothing wrong with your dental equipment, we can maintain it on a regular schedule to reduce the chances of it breaking or malfunctioning.

Make sure that your facility has the reliable dental equipment it needs so that you can provide the best possible services for your patients and minimize equipment downtime. Please check out our dental equipment and contact us for all your maintenance needs.

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