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We offer the Novaerus portable air disinfecting system with three models to choose from.

Portable Air Disinfecting SystemIt could get costly putting an air disinfecting system in each area of your facility, but thankfully, you do not have to go that route. At Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp., we offer a portable air disinfecting system that allows you to move the unit to where it is needed, run it for a few hours, and then relocate it to the next area. There are three different models to choose from based on your specific needs:

  • Novaerus Protect 200 (NV200)- This portable air disinfecting system is designed for small indoor places, such as bathrooms, offices, school buses, patient bedside, supply rooms, reception areas, ambulances, and other small areas. Weighing just 3.4kg, it is easy to move from one room or area to another, although it can be mounted on the wall rather than standing alone or being placed on a counter. The unit works by continually pulling in contaminated air and deactivating microorganisms and viruses as they cross internal short-exposure plasma coils. Its patented filter-free design makes it easy to care for.
  • Novaerus Protect 800/900– This portable air disinfecting system is for medium-sized rooms, such as common areas, classrooms, examination rooms, nurse stations, operating theatres, and patient rooms. It utilizes the same technology as the Protect 200 but offers a 2-speed fan instead of a 1-speed fan and can provide continuous disinfection and odour control. It weighs 4.7kg, so is still easily movable from area to area.
  • Novaerus Defend 1050– This portable air disinfecting system is for large areas and when there is a higher risk of infection. It is a free-standing unit with wheels to make it easy to move the 51kg unit where it needs to be. It is designed for rapid remediation and has a triple-stage Carmfil® filter system for extreme particle removal. With its pre-filter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter, you can feel confident that you are doing all you can to provide a healthy indoor air environment in intensive care units, patient wards, senior living facilities, in vitro fertilization labs, operating theatres, and emergency rooms.

If you would like assistance selecting the right portable air disinfecting system for your facility, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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