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Novaerus disinfection systems kill viruses instead of simply filtering them out of the air.

With all of the worries people already have about visiting their dentist, breathing unclean air shouldn’t be one of them. Since dental offices are public, high-traffic spaces, you want to make sure your patients feel safe visiting your office for routine cleanings and other procedures, thanks to your efforts to maintain proper hygiene and sanitization protocols.

Dental Clinic Air Purification

Take things a step further and invest in a dental clinic air purification system from Novaerus. These systems are unlike any other currently on the market for dental offices because instead of filtering viruses circulating in the air, they kill them on contact! With fewer viruses circulating through your air, your surfaces and dental tools will stay cleaner, too.

Novaerus dental clinic air purification systems allow for complete air disinfection in even small treatment rooms – optional wall mounts keep the equipment out of the way and make floor disinfection faster and easier. Plus, these systems are powerful and gentle. Use them around even your most vulnerable patients and rest easy knowing they are safe thanks to the innovative technology that uses non-chemical, ultra-low-energy plasma.

Boost the cleanliness and safety of your dental office without the need for extra cleaning between patients and after you close your office for the day. Contact us at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp. today to find out more about the lineup of air disinfection products from Novaerus and how they can specifically benefit your dental practice.

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