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Our portable air disinfecting system doesn’t just filter the air, it destroys pathogens!

Portable Air Disinfecting System in Toronto, OntarioIf there is something good to have come out of the pandemic, it is that medical facilities and other places across Toronto, Ontario have put more attention into having cleaner air and providing heightened infection control. At Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp., while we mostly deal with medical, dental, and veterinary medical facilities, we can help any company that is concerned about air quality and having a safer operation. We highly recommend our portable air disinfecting system for particle reduction, bacteria reduction, and lowering infection risk.

We offer the portable air disinfection system from Novaerus which is one of the most innovative systems on the market today. While other systems simply use a filter to trap viruses and other contaminants, they don’t kill them like this portable air disinfecting system does. It utilizes non-chemical, ultra-low-energy plasma technology that is safe to use in any operation for infection control and cleaner air.

You can reduce the transmission of common viruses at your office, restaurant, or medical facility, knowing that you are literally destroying bacteria and superbugs. In addition, this portable air disinfecting system eliminates VOCs produced by certain dental and medical procedures. If you would like to have a safer and healthier operation, you owe it to yourself to call on our knowledgeable team members to learn more about this effective tool that can be a part of your protocol to reduce infection rates and have cleaner air for you, your staff, your patients or customers, and any other visitors.

Portable Air Disinfecting System
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