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Kill viruses in your medical or dental office on contact!

Novaerus Air Purification in Toronto, OntarioToday, infection control and prevention are more important than ever, especially with ongoing global health concerns. Even though you regularly sanitize and disinfect your practice to provide a clean, safe environment for your patients, you can take things a step further by cleaning the air that circulates within your facility or clinic.

Here at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp., we offer several Novaerus air purification systems to our clients in Toronto, Ontario. These state-of-the-art systems attack and destroy airborne pathogens on contact, providing a cleaner, fresher environment in your office. You can also easily move Novaerus air purification systems from one room to another to meet the changing needs of your practice throughout every work day.

One of the main benefits of Novaerus air purification systems is that they use non-chemical, ultra-low-energy plasma technology. This technology can powerfully eliminate pathogens on contact, but it is still safe to use around your younger patients and those who are more vulnerable. Numerous case studies, clinical trials, and laboratory tests have also shown that Novaerus air purification systems are highly effective at eliminating viruses and making environments cleaner.

Go above and beyond for your patients and staff by making sure your facility is as safe as possible with a Novaerus air purification system. We can give you more details about how these air purification systems work and why they are so effective for medical and dental facilities. Contact us at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp. today!

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